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Welcome to the Visual Cognition Lab Subject Sign-up System. From here, you can sign up for any experiment currently being conducted at the Visual Cognition Lab. To start, select from any available experiments below or the calendar to the left. To view UBC Psychology Human Subject Pool experiments, please visit http://hsp.psych.ubc.ca

IMPORTANT: Reservax is currently experiencing a bug where appointments might not show up on the participant's account on the day of the appointment. If you're unsure of whether you're signed up for an appointment or not, please contact (vclmanager[at]gmail.com).

! NEW !
Please read over our refined general guidelines and policies, as they have been updated. We will interpret: your participation in our experiments as an indication that you have read and understood all policies listed below.

GENERAL GUIDELINES (last updated March 20th, 2017)
  1. You must be aged 18-35 to run in ALL experiments.
  2. You must be able to understand instructions in English.
  3. If you require vision correction (e.g. you are near-sighted), you must wear corrective lenses to the appointment.
  4. In some experiments, there are additional restriction criteria. If you do not fit in the criteria, we will not be able to run you on the experiment.
  5. Please use a valid email address and phone number that you check regularly when signing up so you can receive confirmation emails and so we can notify you of any changes to your appointments or account.
  6. Please bring a physical photo ID with you when participating in experiments. The name on your physical photo ID must match your name on your Reservax account. Please be advised that we cannot run you on experiments if you do not bring a physical photo ID (Students: please bring your student ID.).
  7. Please do not e-mail experimenters for experiment times. Slots will be posted online as they become available.
  8. Your spot is reserved the moment you receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 12 hours, please notify the corresponding experimenter and manager (vclmanager[at]gmail.com) immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.
  9. The maximum number of experiments you are allowed to sign up for in one day is TWO. This is to ensure that your eyes do not get overly fatigued.
3-STRIKE NO-SHOW POLICY (last updated June 3rd, 2015)
  1. If you fail to show up for 3 scheduled appointments without notifying the experimenter at least 12 hours in advance, we reserve the right to permanently stop your participation in our experiments.
  2. If you have an appointment but need to cancel, please advise the experimenter at least 12 hours in advance by e-mail or by phone. If you fail to show up for an appointment without notifying the experimenter at least 12 hours in advance, it will be counted as a no-show.
  3. If you come in more than 5 minutes late for your appointment, we may cancel your appointment.
NO-REPEAT POLICY (last updated August 1, 2012)
  1. You cannot participate in an experiment more than once, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  2. If we find out before/during the experiment that you previously participated in an experiment already, we will cancel the appointment (i.e., you cannot participate).
  3. If you forgot which experiments you already participated in, please contact the manager (manager[at]ubcviscog.com).
SINGLE-ACCOUNT POLICY (last updated August 1, 2012)
  1. If you forgot your password, please notify the manager (vclmanager[at]gmail.com) to request a password reset.
  2. If you have (or think you might have) multiple accounts, please contact the manager immediately.
  3. If you do have multiple accounts, we will deactivate all accounts except for the one you are using.
Looking for our lab's public website?
Please visit www.viscoglab.psych.ubc.ca

Want to do even more experiments nearby? Check out the BAR Lab at:
Please visit http://www.reservax.com/barlab