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Online Appointments for Research Laboratories.

Reservax is an online reservation system used by researchers to book subjects for experiments.

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Reservax originated in a university research lab and has been trusted to help schedule appointments for over a decade. We understand the unique needs of labs where many general-purpose tools fail.


Reservax can handle your study's appointments even when your research assistants can't.


For less than the cost of a single RA's day of work, Reservax can contribute to hundreds of saved hours of administration per term, letting you focus on what really counts: research.


With research experience in psychology, cognitive systems, health sciences, HCI, CS, business, physics, and much more, Reservax provides a truly diversified history at your fingertips. Suggest a feature, we'll understand you.

Years ago, when I was an undergraduate research assistant, our lab used Reservax to sign up subjects for all our experiments. Reservax helped me schedule appointments with a wide variety of subjects for my honours thesis, without having to introduce the selection bias that comes from only using your own friends and offering them a free lunch -- unlike some of the projects of my peers. I often use Reservax for my experiment recruitment now.
Will C. - The University of British Columbia

So easy to use, the title of your next paper could take longer to write by comparison.

(Fortunately, you won't have to worry about scheduling appointments while you're at it.)

Reservax: 1)Post. 2)Advertise. 3)Relax.

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We're working on some exciting new upgrades to the software. It's super-exciting!

Current researchers, you get to keep your current price after the upgrade. Awesome.


1 Apr 2015
And we're back!

Hey everyone! Thanks for the short wait. We're happy to announce that we're accepting new labs once again!

10 Feb 2015
Changes ahead ...

Until April 2015 we will not be accepting new labs while we update our software. Thank you for your patience. Current researchers can contact us at .

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