Reservax Features


Reservax offers many benefits to your lab and subject pool. Some of them are listed here. Feel free to contact us at if you'd like to ask us about anything that you see or don't see here.

With Reservax, you can:

  • add and manage experiments
  • make experiments visible or invisible to the public
  • manage your lab's Reservax home page
  • add and manage time slots
  • add and manage more than one administrator or experimenter
  • book appointments immediately and automatically
  • get notifications of appointment bookings via email
  • look up summary reports on subject participation
  • look up specific subjects in your own subject pool if follow-up is needed

Participants can:

  • browse available experiments
  • browse available timeslots
  • read up and learn what your experiments are about
  • get access to your lab's consent form
  • book or cancel an appointment
  • get notification of appointment bookings via email

Other features

  • summary report for department HSP credit earned (custom feature, contact us if you need this enabled)
  • support for your own html code in your lab's Reservax front page
  • lots more!


Reservax is available for as low as $30 USD per month.

If you are located in Canada or prefer to be billed in CAD, Reservax is also available for as low as $30 CAD per month.

We also offer special loyalty pricing. If you were a past client, or if you graduated from a current client's lab and are now starting a new system, we can give you the loyalty price instead! It's our way of saying Thank You! Contact us for more details.